Heartwarming Story of Bolivian Dog Chasing Soldiers’ Convoy Melts Internet’s Heart

Heartwarming Story of Bolivian Dog Chasing Soldiers’ Convoy Melts Internet’s Heart

The internet is buzzing with excitement over the enchanting photos depicting a dog in Bolivia enthusiastically chasing after a convoy of soldiers and getting picked up to join them, captivating netizens with its irresistible cuteness.

According to reports by Los Tiempos, these captivating images were fortuitously captured by photographer Luis Fernando Chumacero on the streets of Tupiza, Bolivia, during the days of pandemic lockdown. The soldiers in the convoy were diligently patrolling to ensure compliance with quarantine measures and regulations.

Contrary to some online speculations, the light brown and yellow dog was not simply a stray wandering the streets. It is actually a beloved companion in the military camp, named Gorda. “Each battalion adopts dogs, and they live and partake in activities alongside the soldiers.

They eat, train, and live like a soldier. Gorda serves as the mascot for a specific division,” explained Major General Luis Pachecho, the Head of Logistics for the IV Military Division. When the Covid-19 outbreak unfolded, Gorda witnessed the soldiers on their patrol and instinctively decided to join them.

Seeing the dog’s enthusiastic response, the soldiers happily lifted Gorda into the vehicle to accompany them. This heartwarming and serendipitous moment was beautifully captured by the photographer’s lens.

Shortly after Gorda jumped into the vehicle, another dog with gray fur named Multicam dashed after them, expressing its desire to join the convoy. Multicam serves as the mascot for a different division.

The endearing images of these two dogs have sparked a flurry of memes and discussions on various online platforms. Whether or not people are aware of the true backstory, there is unanimous agreement on the irresistible charm of both dogs, bringing much-needed joy during these challenging times of the pandemic.

Hoan Le