Hojlund’s Ascent: Breaking Records and Echoes of Van Persie’s Legacy at Manchester United

Hojlund’s Ascent: Breaking Records and Echoes of Van Persie’s Legacy at Manchester United

Hojlund arrives at Manchester United with high expectations, aiming to elevate the Red Devils’ attacking prowess. Slated to be the new forward for MU in the 2023/24 season, the 2003-born striker is currently sidelined due to injury but is anticipated to make his debut for the club in early September. Despite not being able to play for MU right away, Hojlund harbors ambitious goals. His immediate target is to surpass Rashford’s speed record from the previous season (35.95 km/h). However, Hojlund also expresses a desire for a harmonious partnership with Rashford on the frontline, prioritizing teamwork over personal rivalry. He believes that friendly competition during training sessions will contribute to overall improvement.

Rashford was the fastest player for MU in the preceding season. In terms of the Premier League, the 1997-born striker ranked 12th in terms of speed. Kyle Walker of Manchester City claimed the top spot across the league with an impressive 37.31 km/h.


In addition to his determination to outdo Rashford’s achievements, Hojlund acknowledges his own significant speed. He confirms the statement made by Gasperini, Atalanta’s coach, that he can complete a 100m sprint in less than 11 seconds.

Meanwhile, soccer analyst Robbie Earle from NBC Sports draws a parallel between Hojlund and the legendary Van Persie: “I’m excited about Hojlund’s arrival at MU. Of course, we’ll have to wait a few more years to witness Hojlund’s finest moments. His left foot is incredibly impressive. He possesses both physicality and speed, giving him an edge against defenders. Hojlund’s finishing strikes are truly powerful, reminiscent of Van Persie.”

Van Persie made substantial contributions to MU despite having only three seasons at Old Trafford. The standout achievement of his tenure was the Premier League title in the 2012/13 season.

Hoan Le