Hope and Healing: A Journey to Restore Body and Soul

Hope and Healing: A Journey to Restore Body and Soul

Look who went to the park for the first time today! ❤

My new little baldy is feeling better. The medication and good nutrition are helping a lot in his treatment. We arrived just in time because if the destruction of red blood cells had continued at that pace, his fate would have been very different.


As for his skin, it’s improving a lot. Although it still itches a lot, with the pill and the baths, that will soon be behind us. The infection scabs are fortunately gradually decreasing as well. This entire process is crucial before his hair starts growing.

His little paw is complicated; he only puts weight on it when he’s still, but lifts it when walking. It’s an old issue, and malnutrition doesn’t help. We’re taking it step by step.


It will be a slow process to heal his body, but hopefully, it won’t take as long to heal his soul. It breaks my heart to see those lost eyes, as if he still can’t comprehend that his life has changed. We hope he can do so soon.

Hoan Le