Idyllic 1836 Stone House with an Incredible Setting in the French Countryside

Idyllic 1836 Stone House with an Incredible Setting in the French Countryside

This house captivates and overwhelms with its unassuming beauty! The antique, slightly somber facade, adorned with roses and wisteria, large bright windows leading to a blooming garden, and the incredible atmosphere created by Éléonore will enchant you at first sight!

Éléonore and her husband, Frédéric, are in their forties and have two sons, Joseph and Simeon. A few years ago, they purchased a overgrown plot of land with an old building in the countryside of the Pays de la Loire region, bordering the Atlantic Ocean.

The building was a stone structure erected in 1836 by one family, which passed it down through several generations. In the early 20th century, their descendants significantly expanded the house, adding an additional three-story structure to it.

Even before acquiring the property, Éléonore and Frédéric knew that renovating this house would be a massive project that could take years, but it did not discourage them.

Taking their time, they embarked on the renovation as a family, gradually updating each room and giving a second life and a new look to this abandoned 200-year-old building.

The walls of the house indicated that it was built to last, so the couple did not have to resort to major structural repairs; they simply spruced up the facades and restored the numerous windows and balconies that towered over the sloping garden.

The family decided to preserve most of the authentic elements in the interior, only updating and replacing necessary details. They left the exposed ceiling beams that had gracefully curved over time, cleaned the old tiled floor on the ground floor with intricate bright patterns, and restored all the fireplaces located on the three floors.

In the later stone extension, where Éléonore decided to set up the kitchen and a large dining room, the flooring was completely replaced, and the wooden bay window was repaired and reinforced with large windows.

For the home’s decor, Éléonore chose modern comfortable furniture and complemented the spaces with a few vintage items.

She felt that the ambiance of the 19th century created by time was sufficient in the interior, and there was no need to add more antique elements to emphasize the history of this place.

Although the arduous renovation work and home improvement projects that Éléonore and Frédéric undertook in their spare time took several years, they never regretted their purchase. Éléonore says that the house has already become dear and close to their hearts.

The transformation not only affected the interior of the house but also the surrounding plot. Éléonore planted wisteria, ivy, and several varieties of roses along the facade. They alternately delight the owners with their blooming clouds on the stone walls, depending on the season.

Slightly behind, down the slope of the plot, they created a relaxation area nestled among tall trees. And further down, Éléonore set up a small vegetable garden where she grows herbs and tomatoes for canning.



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