Incredible Act of Heroism ‘Spider-Man’ Brother Saves Sister from Savage Dog Attack, Inspiring Millions Worldwide

Incredible Act of Heroism ‘Spider-Man’ Brother Saves Sister from Savage Dog Attack, Inspiring Millions Worldwide

When Bridger Walker fearlessly confronted a German Shepard last year to protect his younger sister from a vicious attack, the world hailed him as a true hero. Despite being only 6 years old at the time and requiring 90 stitches to repair the damage on his face, Bridger simply stated, “If someone had to die, I thought it should be me.”

A year later, Bridger’s unwavering conviction still remains, as his father, Robert Walker, shares with PEOPLE. “My wife and I asked him, ‘Do you want it to go away?’ And he said, ‘I don’t want it to go all the way away,'” says the proud father of five. “Bridger sees his scar as a source of pride, but he doesn’t view it as a symbol of his bravery. To him, it’s a reminder that his sister remained unharmed and safe.”

Robert tenderly adds, “Sometimes it even bothers him when he’s called a hero because he thinks, ‘Maybe I could have done more to shield her.'” Now 7 years old, Bridger’s selfless attitude has captured the hearts of millions worldwide.

Last July, when Bridger, from Cheyenne, Wyoming, sprang into action to save his sister, his aunt, Nikki Walker, shared the incredible story on Instagram. The tale quickly went viral, garnering praise from Hollywood stars such as Chris Evans (Captain America), Mark Ruffalo (The Hulk), and Brie Larson (Captain Marvel) from the Avengers cast, who all took the time to acknowledge the young boy’s bravery.

But it wasn’t just celebrities who were moved by Bridger’s story. Strangers across the globe began writing heartfelt letters and sending meaningful gifts to show their support.

“The viral response was completely unexpected,” admits Robert. “While we never want to relive the incident, the overwhelming positivity far outweighed the darkness.”

Captivating Title: “Incredible Act of Heroism: ‘Spider-Man’ Brother Saves Sister from Savage Dog Attack, Inspiring Millions Worldwide”

Robert continues, recounting the impact of various celebrities’ gestures: “Chris Evans’ video was amazing, and he even sent Bridger a shield. Bridger couldn’t have been more thrilled. And when he spoke with Tom Holland, that left a lasting impression because it was a live call. His emotional recovery truly became a worldwide effort, and that meant the world to us.”

Part of the attention Bridger received came from New York City-based dermatologist Dr. Dhaval Bhanusali, who offered to fly him to his office for free treatment.

“He gave us so much hope,” recalls Robert, who had previously received a disappointing consultation from another doctor who claimed Bridger’s scars could not be treated for at least two years. “Meeting Dr. Bhanusali was like finding a rainbow after the storm.”

The Walkers accepted Bhanusali’s offer and traveled to New York, where Bridger underwent two laser procedures. When pandemic-related travel complications arose, Bridger began seeing Dr. Cory B. Maughan, a dermatologist based in Utah, who performed two additional procedures.

All the treatments have significantly reduced Bridger’s scarring, bringing back his smile and boosting his morale.

“Within a year, Dr. Bhanusali and Dr. Maughan have nearly eliminated the scarring,” says Robert. “When we left the hospital, our primary concern was whether Bridger would ever smile naturally again or if he would always appear injured. Seeing his smile return to its former brightness surpassed our wildest expectations.”

Bhanusali acknowledges that the treatments were challenging for a young boy, but Bridger faced them with remarkable bravery. “He handled it like a champion,” says the dermatologist with a touch of humor. “I probably showed more pain on my face than he did. That kid is the bravest little dude I’ve ever met. People didn’t truly understand the severity of his injuries.”

Bhanusali further adds, “Our goal was for him to smile naturally, to be himself again and not a muted version of himself. When we started witnessing that, after the first treatment or soon thereafter, that was our victory. It was the most incredible feeling.”

Currently, Bridger is awaiting the response of the lower half of his scar to the latest procedure before considering additional treatments, according to his father. While some redness and tightening of the subdermal scarring remain, both Robert and Bhanusali express optimism.

“We still have some work to do on the superficial redness, but structurally everything looks so much better,” says Bhanusali. “I always told Robert, ‘When Bridger reaches junior high or high school, I want this to be a story he shares, not a memory he relives every day.’ And I believe we will achieve that.”

As Bridger continues to heal, Robert finds joy in witnessing his “brilliant little boy” return to his normal, fun-loving, and vibrant self.

Nghia Pham