Indulge in an array of emotions with the captivating photo series, “50 Shades of Emotion,” featuring a young girl amidst a garden of daisies.

Even as the daisies fade into the night, mothers remain undeterred, venturing out to capture stunning photos of their infants, offering netizens the chance to be moved by these heartrending snapshots of babies.

In a bid to capture the perfect shot, one mother took her daughter for a photoshoot, aiming to highlight her enchanting eyelashes. Yet, unexpectedly, tears became the subject of the photographs.

Returning in a fresh set of images, the “princess of the chrysanthemum season” prompts maternal desires for more daughters, thanks to her captivating appearance.

Outshining all other photographs, two sisters have claimed the crown of this year’s “daisies season,” their innate beauty simply undeniable.

And perhaps, behind the camera lens, photographers yearn for a professional child model who can effortlessly convey a plethora of natural emotions, much like these little angels do.

Unveiling the story behind the scenes, the photographer provides insight into the surprises concealed within the photograph capturing a girl “craving milk, while her mother persists in capturing fleeting snapshots.”

The little princess featured in the above photo is affectionately known as Fank, with her real name being Phuong Anh. Now over ten months old, her mother, Ms. Thu Ha, shared: “Given our family’s business, Fank has been around many people from a young age, rendering her mischievous and wearing a perpetual smile. However, on the day of the photoshoot with Uncle La Anh (the photographer behind the series), scheduled for 3 pm, Fank, in her excitement, remained awake and playful for over two hours. Finally, she succumbed to slumber. Dirty and ready for the daisy garden, we embarked on the photoshoot journey with the artist, continuing until 4 o’clock. Fank grew sleepy and a tad fussy, prompting parents to ingeniously devise ways to draw smiles from her. Toys and lollipops were procured, all in a collaborative effort with Uncle La Anh to capture even more delightful shots.”

Nghia Pham