Introducing the Hollywood’s Newest Trendsetter

Introducing the Hollywood’s Newest Trendsetter

Hollywood is abuzz with the latest fashion sensation, and her name is Huyen My – Khanh My. The spotlight is on her as she effortlessly rocks sequined outfits that redefine the boundaries of sexiness. With her long legs and iconic wardrobe, she’s causing a stir that’s hard to ignore.

Khanh My’s fashion choices have become the talk of the town, leaving everyone wondering, “Who wears sequins better?” Her wardrobe choices, which some might consider “super daring,” have become synonymous with her unique style.

But Khanh My isn’t just about fashion; she’s making waves in the film industry too. In a Hoai Linh movie, she shared a passionate kiss with a handsome co-star, setting screens ablaze with their chemistry. And if that wasn’t enough, she showcased her fierce martial arts skills on a tennis court, proving that she’s a force to be reckoned with both on and off the screen.

Despite being a relatively new face, Khanh My’s fashion choices are already leaving their mark internationally. Her embrace of the trend known as “sack pants,” a unique and daring style, has caught the attention of fashionistas worldwide.

Kylie Jenner, a Hollywood sensation in her own right, recently flaunted sack pants and a seductively cropped shirt that set cameras flashing. Known for her modern and bold fashion sense, Kylie’s endorsement of the sack pants trend has only fueled its popularity.

Back in Vietnam, Khanh My is leading the way as one of the first Vbiz celebrities to rock this distinctive fashion statement. While she’s often compared to Kylie Jenner, she stands tall with her own style. Opting for a monochromatic look in alluring black, Khanh My’s outfit features a sleek halter top with an intricate design on the cuffs. Notably, she dons sack pants by Le Lucas, while Kylie Jenner opts for a design by Stella McCartney. Both of these designs debuted as part of this year’s new spring collection. The unique style of sack pants has taken the fashion world by storm, and fashionistas are embracing it with open arms. From Hollywood to the streets, these pants have become a must-have item, with various designers putting their own spin on the trend, resulting in an array of captivating and versatile styles on the runway.

Nghia Pham