Ipa’s Journey: Seeking a Loving Family

Ipa’s Journey: Seeking a Loving Family

There is a small dog named Ipa, and she is seeking a loving family to adopt her. Do you still remember Ipa? Can you recognize her? Please help me spread this message so that Ipa has a chance to find a new loving home, where she can have a better future.

Ipa was found and brought back after a journey through Monte Terrabusi. Previously, she lived in a small shack in an area where we have rescued many dogs and performed spay/neuter surgeries. The condition and suffering that Ipa endured in the past cannot be put into words. The heartbreaking images we shared say it all.

But today, Ipa has recovered and received proper care. She has been spayed, vaccinated, and now she longs to find a loving family! It has been her wish for a long time – a safe, warm home filled with love.

We always remember that without adoptions, we cannot continue our rescue efforts. Rescue is not just about saving and providing initial relief for animals. It extends further, and it is only when we find new families for these creatures that we can truly continue our mission.

Imagine how many other dogs are waiting for an opportunity like Ipa’s, a chance to survive and be loved. That’s why we need your help! Please share this message, so we can continue rescuing and finding homes for abandoned animals.

Ipa is a medium-sized dog, happy and just over a year old. She loves playing with her four-legged friends. If you can provide a loving home for Ipa and make her happy, please contact us right away!

Thank you for being with us in our rescue efforts, and we hope that the message about Ipa will spread far and wide, giving other dogs a chance to find a loving family.

Hoan Le