Joyful Blind Dog, Stevie, Leaps with Happiness After Finally Getting His Own Bed

Joyful Blind Dog, Stevie, Leaps with Happiness After Finally Getting His Own Bed

After enduring eight long years chained up in a backyard in South Carolina, Stevie, a blind dog, experienced pure joy when he received his very own bed. Rescued by the Lancaster County SPCA and later taken in by Diamonds in the Ruff in New York, Stevie’s story touched the hearts of the rescue organizations, prompting them to include him in their family.

Upon his arrival at Diamonds in the Ruff, it was evident that Stevie had faced numerous challenges. Besides being blind, he suffered from fleas, worms, and fur loss. Additionally, he had an old corn cob lodged in his intestines, requiring surgery to remove. Amidst these medical struggles, his foster family patiently helped him adjust to a loving home.

During the journey home, Stevie’s foster family noticed him growling and barking intermittently in his crate. It became apparent that he was trying to protect himself, and upon reaching his new home, he hesitated to come out. Fully aware of his blindness and unfamiliarity with his surroundings, his foster family approached the situation with caution.

As Stevie’s physical and mental health improved, he began to blossom and reveal his true nature. His foster family delighted in witnessing his many first experiences, including the joyous moment he slept on his own bed for the first time.

Knowing that Stevie likely never had a comfortable bed before, his foster family ensured he had a soft and cozy dog bed. When Stevie felt its plushness beneath his paws, he couldn’t contain his excitement and began jumping with pure joy.

To this day, Stevie continues his happy dance whenever he encounters a dog bed. He relishes having something that brings him comfort and feels the need to express his delight to everyone around.

“He jumps, sometimes chews on a toy for a while, and then peacefully drifts off to sleep,” explained Boyd, Stevie’s foster mom.

Despite his blindness, Stevie has adapted remarkably well to his foster home, impressing everyone with his intelligence and resilience.

“He’s incredibly smart,” said Boyd. “He quickly figured out the layout of my house.” From the backyard to the garage, up three stairs into the house, and even finding his way to the kitchen for rewards, Stevie navigates with confidence. He enjoys napping, cuddling, going on walks, chewing on squeaky toys, and showering his humans with kisses.

Stevie is currently available for adoption and seeks a local family that understands and appreciates his unique circumstances. Ideally, he would thrive in a pet-free home with someone who can provide him with the love and care he missed out on during his first eight years.

“We are looking for someone who will spend quality time snuggled up on the couch with him, take him for walks, let him bask in the sun, and shower him with love,” added Boyd.

Stevie has endured hardships, but now that he has his cozy dog bed and a loving human family, he believes that everything will be just fine.

Nghia Pham