Joyful Parents Welcome the UK’s Heaviest Homebirth Baby – Weighing 12lb 9oz

Joyful Parents Welcome the UK’s Heaviest Homebirth Baby – Weighing 12lb 9oz

In a truly remarkable event, Ruth Harvey, a 36-year-old mother of three, and her partner Eddie Gillan, 44, joyfully welcomed their adorable “chunky monkey” newborn, Tabitha, on February 28. Tabitha, believed to be one of Britain’s largest home birth babies, arrived a remarkable two-and-a-half weeks overdue, tipping the scales at an impressive 12lbs 9oz. What makes this birth even more extraordinary is that it took place in the comfort of their own home, a mere ten minutes away from a hospital.

Tabitha’s size is truly astounding, as she is already fitting into clothing meant for babies aged three to six months. Ruth, curious about record-breaking birth weights, checked the Guinness Book of World Records and discovered that Guy Carr holds the current record, weighing an astounding 15lb 8oz at birth in 1992, followed closely by George King, who weighed 15lb 7oz in 2013.

Ruth’s labor journey unfolded in a birthing pool set up in their home in Dundonald, Ayrshire, adorned with enchanting fairy lights. Surprisingly, Tabitha spent only a brief hour in the hospital following her birth. During the eight-and-a-half-hour labor, Eddie, along with a dedicated team of midwives, provided unwavering support and encouragement while their other children were upstairs.

Ruth, who works as an assistant service manager of a family support service, reflected on the experience, saying, “Tabitha was born two-and-a-half weeks overdue and looked perfectly ‘well cooked.’ I seem to have a knack for birthing big babies, as my other two weighed 9lbs 9oz and 10lbs 1oz.”

The midwives attending the home birth were amazed by Tabitha’s size, as it was an unprecedented experience for them. Ruth’s labor was enhanced by NHS-funded aromatherapy and acupuncture during her pregnancy. She was able to move around the front room during labor and sought comfort in the birthing pool during contractions.

Ruth fondly compared the experience to the popular series “Call the Midwife,” as the midwives showered Tabitha with love and affection. Unlike her previous hospital births, where different healthcare professionals attended to her, Ruth appreciated having a dedicated team of midwives who supported her throughout the entire process.

Although one might imagine giving birth to a 12lb baby to be an overwhelming experience, Ruth described it as unexpectedly enjoyable. She praised the phenomenal midwives for their exceptional care and support, noting that her recovery has been swift. Remarkably, Ruth has already resumed her daily routine, including the school run for her other children. She even likened the birth experience to being in a spa, surrounded by soothing aromatherapy oils and a relaxing hot pool.

Ruth added, “My daughter created birthing affirmations, and Eddie prepared the room beautifully. Even my six-year-old son, Ted, curiously asked my parents, ‘Why does mommy sound like a cow?’ We had all four children present, and they got to listen to Tabitha’s precious heartbeat, creating a truly unforgettable family moment.”

Nghia Pham