Kagami Numa – The Dragon’s Eye: A Unique Natural Wonder in Japan

Kagami Numa – The Dragon’s Eye: A Unique Natural Wonder in Japan

Kagami Numa, also known as the Dragon’s Eye, has become a captivating tourist attraction in Japan, drawing visitors from all over the world. Located near the summit of Hachimantai in the Iwate Prefecture, Japan, this city is surrounded by picturesque high valleys. At an elevation of 1,613 meters above sea level, Hachimantai’s natural beauty, especially the Kagami Numa, has mesmerized travelers. Once a year, for about a week, Kagami Numa undergoes a remarkable transformation, becoming a giant, impressive emerald “eye.”

The Legendary Tale of the Dragon’s Eye: The unique appearance of Kagami Numa during this week is believed to be tied to a mythological tale of two dragons in love who chose this water area as their meeting point. According to the legend, a young man named Hachiro-taro transformed into a dragon after drinking water from a mysterious lake atop the mountain. He fell in love with Tatsuro, a dragon who was once a human girl. Seeking eternal beauty, Tatsuro pleaded with the goddess Okura Kannon. However, instead of granting her wish, she transformed into a dragon and was trapped forever in Lake Tazawa.

Every year, during the autumn season, the dragon Hachiro-taro flies to visit Lake Tazawa in Japan and stays there through the winter. The love of the two dragons prevents the water in this area from freezing. The scientific explanation for the Dragon’s Eye’s unique formation lies in the pressure from the water’s depth, causing snow to accumulate in the middle of the lake, creating a shape resembling the eye’s iris, surrounded by a ring of vivid blue water. When the wind blows, the snow in the center rotates, giving the illusion of an ever-moving pupil.

This extraordinary phenomenon only occurs once a year, lasting for a week from late May to early June, before the ice completely melts. Therefore, if travelers plan to visit Japan to witness the Dragon’s Eye, it is advisable to check the official website of the mountain for updates on the ice’s melting status before embarking on the journey. Kagami Numa, the Dragon’s Eye, nestled near Hachimantai’s summit, offers a breathtaking spectacle that attracts visitors to marvel at the rare and captivating natural wonder. The fusion of legend and scientific explanation behind the lake’s unique appearance adds to its mystique and allure. A trip to witness this enchanting phenomenon promises an unforgettable experience for travelers exploring the beauty of Japan’s remarkable landscapes.

Hoan Le