Kim Kardashian Sets Social Media Ablaze with Tiny Bikini

Kim Kardashian Sets Social Media Ablaze with Tiny Bikini

Continuing to showcase her sizzling swimwear shoots, the latest fiery bikini photos of “Kim with the Super Curves” from the United States have once again left fans restless.

These eye-catching images were taken during her New Year’s vacation in the Bahamas with her young beau, Pete Davidson.

The mother of four has caused a frenzy among fans with her scorching hot hourglass figure and an ice-cold, sophisticated allure that is incredibly alluring.

In less than a day of being posted on Instagram, where she boasts an astounding 283 million followers, this photo set of the 1980-born beauty has garnered nearly 4 million likes and almost 20,000 comments, praising the mesmerizing allure of the SKIMs brand owner.

After filing for divorce from rapper Kanye West (born in 1977), Kim’s beauty, career, and love life have been on the rise. She is now dating Hollywood’s top ladies’ man, actor Pete Davidson, who is 13 years her junior. The couple went public with their relationship in October 2021, and it is known that Kim Kardashian’s family supports this love affair.

Last Thursday, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson were seen visiting a friend’s house in Beverly Hills (Los Angeles, USA).

Insiders close to the couple reveal that the comedic actor, though living in New York, is spending more time in Los Angeles to be with his girlfriend, and he even has plans to purchase a house there to be closer to Kim Kardashian.

But Kim Kardashian isn’t just “in love”; her SKIMs brand recently achieved a value of over $3.2 billion, doubling its worth since April of last year.

Founded by Kim Kardashian in 2019, SKIMs focuses on shaping underwear, loungewear, and activewear. The brand has since expanded to include products such as sweaters, robes, and turtlenecks. SKIMs was even introduced at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics when the company signed a sponsorship deal to provide clothing and underwear for the U.S. national team athletes. It is expected that SKIMs will also make an appearance at the upcoming 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

Nghia Pham