Lake Nakuru – “flamingo’s paradise”

Lake Nakuru – “flamingo’s paradise”

As a beautiful country in Africa, Kenya attracts tourists with its gold and silver forests, diverse wildlife and unique Lake Nakuru National Park. This is considered the “paradise” of rare flamingos.

Located in Central Kenya, East Africa. Lake Nakuru in the park is the largest natural saltwater lake in Kenya located at 1,754 meters above sea level. This is also one of 8 lakes in the Rift valley recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 2011. For a long time, this place has become a destination for tourists and many nature researchers around the world to find. Come see and explore.

Lake Nakuru and two other adjacent lakes in the Rift valley are home to 13 rare and endangered bird species in the world. In particular, the lake is especially known as “flamingo paradise” because of the number of giant flamingos covered in pink covering the blue lake. 

According to statistics, Lake Nakuru National Park owns the third largest number of flamingos in the world. The most common are two types: a large flamingo with long legs and a long neck and a smaller one with a deep red bill and darker pink feathers. The reason why flamingos come to feed and make nests around the lake is because there are many different types of algae in the lake. Meanwhile, the ideal temperature of the lake water and flamingo waste are alkaline, perfect for the proliferation of algae.  Traveling to Lake Nakuru gives visitors the opportunity to witness with their own eyes tens of thousands of flamingos, even millions of them feeding on the water. However, to ensure the naturalness and safety of this rare bird, visitors should stand from afar to admire and take pictures with flamingos, avoiding scaring them.

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