Laughing at the Viral “Squirrel Riding Bird” Photo Series

Laughing at the Viral “Squirrel Riding Bird” Photo Series

Photographer Martin Le-May captured a moment that caused a sensation on the internet: a squirrel riding on the back of a woodpecker in mid-flight.

In the annals of scientific history, squirrels and woodpeckers are not typically known to have a close relationship. However, recently, photographer Martin Le-May managed to capture the moment when a squirrel hitched a ride on the back of a flying woodpecker, creating a buzz on social media.

The photo was taken at Hornchurch Country Park, Essex, England. But the truth is that the “relationship” between the squirrel and the woodpecker was far from harmonious, contrary to what one might imagine. Instead, it seems that the mischievous squirrel was attacking the woodpecker as it desperately tried to escape.

Not missing a beat, many internet users quickly turned these images into hilarious memes, with various famous personalities “riding” woodpeckers. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Even though the original photo captured a remarkable and unexpected moment in nature, it’s the creative and humorous responses from the online community that have truly made this viral phenomenon entertaining and memorable.

Hoan Le