The Adorable Baby Deer, Likened To An “ANGEL In Everyday Life”

The Adorable Baby Deer, Likened To An “ANGEL In Everyday Life”

A baby deer abandoned by its mother shortly after birth has been described by many as an angel due to its beautiful white face and stunning blue eyes.
The deer, named “Dragon,” was born at Deer Track Junction farm in Cedar Springs, Michigan, United States, and belongs to the white-tailed deer species.

However, when Dragon came into the world, it was afflicted with a condition called leucism, resulting in patches of white fur and a white face.

The prominent white coloration on Dragon’s body makes it stand out and unable to blend into its natural environment. In fact, the deer’s hearing and vision are severely impaired due to the genetic mutation, rendering it unable to hear or see approaching predators. It was precisely this physical difference that led Dragon to be abandoned by its mother soon after birth.

“Having a mutated baby deer can pose significant health risks, and instinctively, a mother white-tailed deer may abandon a fawn if she realizes it has limited chances of survival,” said Hilary Powell, the owner of Deer Track Junction farm, where Dragon was born.

In addition to Dragon, the mother deer also gave birth to a completely normal fawn, which she is carefully nurturing.

Typically, fawns like Dragon would struggle to survive in the wild. However, due to the special care provided by the farm owner, Dragon developed normally. The farm owner named the deer Dragon, hoping it would be as strong as a dragon and able to thrive.

Despite being rejected by its mother due to its differences, Dragon’s appearance captivates anyone who sees it, eliciting fascination and attraction. The deer has even gained fame on social media, with many referring to Dragon as an “angel in real life” because of its beautiful white face and enchanting eyes.

Unfortunately, despite receiving meticulous care from the farm owner, Dragon could only live for a little over a year before succumbing to illness. The deer’s death left many internet users who adored Dragon feeling regretful.

The adorable baby deer, likened to an “angel in everyday life”

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