Magical Pink Garden Of A Swedish Home

Magical Pink Garden Of A Swedish Home

The veranda of the house is concealed by a lush white rose.

Marie chose the most fragrant variety for planting. Transforming the plot took the family quite some time. Marie took charge of the layout and design of the garden.


A relaxation area with a bench and swings is arranged on the veranda.

Entrance to the house.

She designated a spot for a small vegetable garden, enhanced a 100-year-old apple orchard, and began planting a rose garden, for which she allocated six acres in front of the house.

The dining area in the garden is hidden behind pink arches and bushes.

Initially, the rose garden consisted of a couple of dozen seedlings, but over the years, their numbers have grown to hundreds.

Currently, Marie’s garden boasts around 200 different varieties of roses, complemented by beautiful clematis, peonies, sage, lavender, dahlias, and much more.

In the center of the garden, the couple built a greenhouse where Marie nurtures seedlings.

Pergolas and arches adorned with climbing roses allowed for zoning the garden, creating secluded corners where Marie arranged spaces for tea parties and a dining area.


Nhat Dang