A Beautiful Garden: Marta Potoczek’s Cozy Country Retreat

A Beautiful Garden: Marta Potoczek’s Cozy Country Retreat

Step into the idyllic haven of Marta Potoczek, a Polish blogger, and take a stroll through her charming country retreat. This garden captivates everyone who visits, as it has it all: a vegetable patch brimming with fresh greens, winding pathways, vibrant flowers, and tranquil corners. Let’s explore the photographs and be inspired!

Upon entering the garden, we are greeted by a magnificent arbor adorned with grapevines.

When Marta and her family were searching for a home, they hoped to find a ready-made property with a garden, pathways, a gazebo, and an existing landscape. However, the available options were either in terrible condition or outrageously expensive. Consequently, Marta purchased a plot of land and took it upon herself to create a beautiful retreat.

“I filled the entire terrace with flowers and herbs—it buzzes with pollinators every day, which brings me great joy!”

Marta crafted these fantastic shelves to accommodate her ever-growing collection of pots and boxes filled with lettuce, peppers, and herbs.

The pots are home to rosemary, thyme, sage, as well as flowers like verbena, poppies, and marigolds.

There’s a playhouse with a ladder, log seating, and light curtains in place of solid walls.

“You are looking at my childhood dream—a house with a bench, soft cushions, where I could hide, dream, ponder, and read. When I began the search for a playhouse for my daughter, I quickly encountered a harsh reality—market options were dreadful, unremarkable, and of abysmal quality, with astronomical prices,” says Marta. That’s why she and her husband decided to build the playhouse themselves.

“I hung IKEA curtains for added privacy. Next to the playhouse, I plant flowers, a bit of peas, and tomatoes each year, so we can munch on something without venturing too far.”

“Our daughter’s playhouse has been in our garden for several years now, and apart from giving it a fresh coat of white paint annually, we haven’t done anything to it, yet it still looks splendid and holds up perfectly.”

The bonus of having a white playhouse is that bugs and spiders detest it.

There’s even a small cozy terrace in the garden.

Adjacent to the playhouse is a comfortable bench with cushions and flowers in ceramic pots.

Marta Potoczek’s garden boasts numerous beautiful garden paths and flower beds.

The open gazebo is an adult retreat. Spending time there, free from the cares of the garden, is pure bliss!

The wooden roof provides protection from rain and snow while adding a touch of intimacy.

“Inside, we added a table, chairs, mattresses, and cozy pillows. Plus, we made our own jars to hold fresh flowers or small candles. It has become incredibly cozy!”


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