Mbappe’s Future Heats Up: Smooth Renewal with PSG or Stern Warning from Real Madrid

Mbappe’s Future Heats Up: Smooth Renewal with PSG or Stern Warning from Real Madrid

As the new season kicks off, the future of superstar Kylian Mbappe remains uncertain. Amidst the current situation, there are reports suggesting that the French player might reconsider extending his contract with PSG.

PSG is putting in all efforts to convince Kylian Mbappe to renew his contract. They are even willing to employ a strong-arm tactic with the reigning Ligue 1 champions resorting to tough measures. Not only was Mbappe excluded from the summer tour, but he also hasn’t been allowed to play even as the Ligue 1 campaign begins.

Meanwhile, Real Madrid seems to be taking a calm approach to Mbappe’s situation at PSG. The Spanish royal club has yet to resume negotiations with PSG, aiming to resolve the 24-year-old player’s future swiftly. Football experts from France and Spain share a consensus: Real is waiting until next summer to acquire Mbappe for free.

However, Mbappe himself seems concerned about the possibility of being benched throughout the 2023/24 season. It’s important to note that next summer hosts the EURO 2024 finals, where the French football prodigy is determined to lead the national team to glory. Consequently, Mbappe appears anxious.

According to sources from Football Espana, it seems that Mbappe is considering the option of extending his contract with PSG. The initial signs include his return to training at PSG’s Campus facility to regain his footballing sensation. There are even rumors that Mbappe might return to the starting lineup in the match against Toulouse at 2:00 AM on August 20th (Hanoi time). With Messi and Neymar’s departure, Mbappe has become the standout figure in the Parc des Princes lineup. In the opening fixture, PSG drew 0-0 against Lorient at home, a match where Mbappe could only watch from the VIP area.

At this point, Real Madrid is taken aback. A clear message has been sent to Mbappe: If he decides once again to break ties with President Florentino Perez to renew with PSG, Real Madrid will permanently close its doors to the former Monaco player. However, if the “White Heron” club continues to stand aside, allowing Mbappe to endure all these challenges, no one can be certain whether the scenario from last summer will repeat itself.

Hoan Le