Meet the Marvelous Mom of Two Sets of Twins: A Journey of Love and Dedication

Meet the Marvelous Mom of Two Sets of Twins: A Journey of Love and Dedication

Amidst the chapters of life, the extraordinary tale of Hong Ngoc unfolds, a remarkable mother known affectionately as the “birth expert” due to the incredible blessings life bestowed upon her not once, but twice. Embracing the remarkable journey of motherhood, Hong Ngoc’s story is a testament to love, dedication, and the unique challenges that come with raising two sets of twins.

Hong Ngoc, a radiant and youthful mother, calls Ho Chi Minh City her home. Yet, what sets her apart is not just her joyful abode, but her role as the guardian of not one, but two sets of twins. The first set, two girls named Bap and Bup, entered her life in 2014, followed by a second set of boys named Bin and Ben in 2019. A captivating contrast of times captured in images underscores the years that have woven the fabric of her family.

In an intimate conversation, Hong Ngoc shares her journey with humility and warmth:

Q: You’ve been blessed with the fortune of birthing two sets of twins, a pair of boys and a pair of girls. Many consider you a “birth expert” or even a “birth superwoman.” Could you shed light on the path that led to this incredible journey of raising four children?

Hong Ngoc: In that particular year, as I experienced the typical signs of morning sickness, I visited the doctor with growing anticipation. The initial scan showed a gestational sac at six weeks, but no heartbeat. The doctor’s concerned expression hinted at possible heartbreak. Returning at eight weeks, an unexpected revelation awaited – two distinct heartbeats. It was a moment of pure bliss for my husband and me, as well as for Bup and Bap, our first set of twins.

Years later, the gift of Bin and Ben arrived, seemingly surreal until the very moment when my husband held both our sons. Reality unfolded in the grasp of his hands, and our hearts brimmed with joy.

Q: Your journey involves the challenges of not only birthing two sets of twins but also nurturing them. Could you share some insights into the unique experiences and hardships you faced during your twin pregnancies?

Hong Ngoc: Both my twin pregnancies shared similar traits, notably four months of morning sickness and an insatiable appetite. My weight skyrocketed from 47kg to 70kg. All four babies were born with similar weights, and the final months of each pregnancy were particularly taxing. The weight distribution within my body, especially my pelvis, posed challenges. Furthermore, an earlier accident left me with spinal injuries and broken ribs. With subsequent pregnancies, the weight of the twins exacerbated the pain, making every step a challenge.

Q: Raising twins is known for its unique demands – the synchronous illnesses, the harmonious cries, and the shared moments of care. How do you manage the dynamic of raising two sets of twins?

Hong Ngoc: The absence of grandparents for assistance and my husband’s demanding work schedule often leave me shouldering the full responsibility of raising and nurturing our children. The support of a hired helper aids me during hectic periods. However, when the assistance is unavailable, I manage the multitude of tasks – from school runs to housework, cooking, and teaching, my hands are full.

Hong Ngoc’s journey is an ode to the indomitable spirit of motherhood, an exploration of the unique journey she embraces with grace. Her story unveils the love that transcends challenges, and through her tireless dedication, Hong Ngoc stands as a beacon of strength, inspiring us all to cherish and celebrate the miraculous bonds that enrich our lives.

Nghia Pham