Messi Makes History on Inter Miami’s Glorious Day

Messi Makes History on Inter Miami’s Glorious Day

Messi delivered a momentous day for David Beckham’s Inter Miami by securing their first-ever title in history. The Argentine superstar also achieved an unprecedented personal milestone.

Once again, the world witnesses Messi’s brilliance as he captures his 44th career title, a feat he first achieved in 2004. No one else in the world of football has reached this pinnacle, except for the extraordinary M10, who continues to create masterpieces in America.

Setting an unprecedented record with his 44th career title In the Leagues Cup final against Nashville, Messi left millions of football enthusiasts in awe with yet another masterpiece for Inter Miami in the 23rd minute.

This mesmerizing goal marked Messi’s 10th goal in just seven games with Inter Miami, an incredible record considering he achieved this since his debut less than a month ago on July 22.

The Argentine superstar’s arrival has brought about a remarkable transformation for Inter Miami in under a month since his debut. The battle for the championship was ultimately decided by a penalty shootout, with the Nashville team equalizing in the 57th minute after a situation involving the ball bouncing off an Inter Miami goalkeeper.

Aside from the joint title with Inter Miami, Messi also claimed the title of top scorer (with 10 goals) and the best player of the Leagues Cup tournament.

In the final shootout, Messi confidently stepped up for the 11-meter penalty and succeeded, but the championship joy had to wait through 11 rounds of penalty shots by Inter Miami before goalkeeper Callender’s successful block against Nashville’s Panicco Temple allowed Messi to burst into celebration.

A poignant moment occurred when Messi handed the captain’s armband to Yedlin, who had previously held that responsibility before the arrival of the number 10. This gesture exemplified Messi’s sportsmanship and leadership.

In Messi’s illustrious career, he has played in 42 finals and emerged victorious 30 times. With a total of 44 titles, he officially surpassed Dani Alves (with 43 titles), including 35 trophies with Barcelona, 3 with PSG, 5 with the Argentine national team, and now adding one more trophy with Inter Miami.

An image that further deepened admiration for Messi was when, on the brink of Inter Miami receiving the trophy, he handed the captain’s armband to Yedlin, allowing the defender, who previously held the role, to lift the title. A truly perfect 10 points!

Nghia Pham