Messi’s Beloved Yerba Maté: The Special “Panacea” for Staying Strong and Fit During Matches

Messi’s Beloved Yerba Maté: The Special “Panacea” for Staying Strong and Fit During Matches

Yerba Maté, a traditional drink from Messi’s hometown, has become a sort of “panacea” cherished by renowned strikers, including Messi himself, who regularly incorporates it into his routine. Recently, during a visit to a friend’s house in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Messi caught attention by carrying a pot of Yerba Maté tea – a beverage he holds dear.

This isn’t the first instance of the football star being spotted with his favorite home drink. Yerba Maté has been a part of South American culture for about 5,000 years and holds significant popularity in Uruguay, Paraguay, and Brazil. In Argentina, it’s known as the “national infusion,” a source of pride for the nation’s people.

Yerba Maté is a caffeine-rich herbal tea created from dried and chopped yerba plant leaves. Its taste is distinct from regular tea leaves, offering a robust flavor profile with earthy and eucalyptus undertones, accompanied by a slight bitterness. Due to its elevated price, Yerba Maté is not a beverage accessible to everyone.

In the realm of athletes, especially football players, this tea holds a special place, often observed as a favored accessory. It’s common to spot players with a pot of Yerba Maté in hand as they disembark the bus or head to the field, and Messi is no exception. Beyond its cultural significance, the tea boasts numerous health benefits.

Yerba Maté has been associated with increased focus, mood enhancement, and improved sleep quality. Additionally, the drink contains essential vitamins B and C, integral to metabolic processes and immune system support. It’s even recognized for its potential as a remedy for chronic headaches, depression, fatigue, and weight management. The tea’s stimulating effects are comparable to those of coffee.

This herbal infusion is also rich in antioxidants, potentially safeguarding against severe health issues such as liver disease and specific types of cancer. A study featured in BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies revealed that individuals who consumed Yerba Maté over 12 weeks experienced reductions in body fat mass and a notable decrease in waist-to-hip ratio.

Given these benefits, it’s clear why Messi holds a special fondness for Yerba Maté. He frequently enjoys the tea at home or prior to matches, valuing not only its health advantages but also its sharing aspect. In a group setting, the person brewing the maté typically offers it to those around them, fostering camaraderie among teammates both at the club and international level.

Nghia Pham