Messi’s “Unsettled” Family: 3 Sons That Always Leave Their Father in Tears

Messi’s “Unsettled” Family: 3 Sons That Always Leave Their Father in Tears

Whether you are a football fan or know little about the sport, you have probably heard the name Lionel Messi. He is renowned as one of the most exceptional and famous football players of our time. Alongside his illustrious “jersey and shorts” career, Messi also has a childhood sweetheart as his wife. Currently, the couple is living happily and contented with their three adorable sons.

With a father who has won the most Ballon d’Or awards in history, many would assume that the three sons idolize their famous dad. However, the truth sometimes surprises us, as the boys always seem to want to challenge their renowned father, causing him numerous headaches.

When their eldest son, Thiago, turned four years old, Messi sighed and confessed that he had little interest in football, the sport that had made his father a “king.” Despite having a superstar father, Thiago showed little enthusiasm for the round ball, preferring horseback riding or playing on a swing. There were even rumors that Thiago dreamed of becoming an actor rather than a green grass football player.

However, it seems that after observing his father’s training and matches for a long time, Thiago’s mindset gradually shifted. The young boy started revealing his passion for the regal sport. He once mentioned that he aspires to become a goalkeeper like Ter Stegen, the goalkeeper for Barça. Consequently, Messi enrolled Thiago in training with the U10 team, while his younger brother Mateo joined the U7 team at Paris Saint-Germain Football Club (France).

Moreover, Thiago is a big fan of Ronaldo, Mbappe, and Neymar. He knows a lot about his idols and enjoys asking his father about these superstars. On the other hand, unlike well-behaved Thiago, Messi’s second son, Mateo, always tries to tease his father. Aware of the intense rivalry between Barcelona and Real Madrid, Mateo taunts his famous father whenever Barça loses to Real. Moreover, he jubilantly celebrates whenever his father’s team…loses. This leaves Messi in great distress.

Lionel Messi has three sons with his wife Antonella Roccuzzo: Thiago, Mateo, and Ciro. On the football field, Messi may receive endless praise from the media and fans, but when he returns to the warmth of his home, he remains a loving husband, an exemplary father, and a pillar of the family. Despite constantly facing teasing and playful banter from his three little boys, it is certain that for Thiago, Mateo, and Ciro, their father is always the greatest.

Nghia Pham