Miraculous Rescue: Team’s Battle to Free Elephant Trapped in Perilous Mud Pit

Miraculous Rescue: Team’s Battle to Free Elephant Trapped in Perilous Mud Pit

In a gripping wildlife rescue operation, a 40-year-old elephant found itself ensnared in deep mud in Kiboko, Kenya. Despite its desperate attempts, the elephant remained trapped, unable to break free from the treacherous mud.

The Big Life Foundation, a dedicated wildlife conservation organization, discovered the struggling elephant. Initial assessments suggested that the elephant might have become stuck while trying to bathe in the mud – a behavior elephants often engage in for skin protection and insect repellent, as explained by Rob Bradford, the Executive Director of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT).


Recognizing the complexity of the situation, the Big Life Foundation collaborated with the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), DSWT, and local community members. Despite their concerted efforts and the utilization of heavy vehicles, the thick mud acted like glue, resisting the elephant’s release. As a result, the animal’s condition deteriorated, unable to eat, drink, or find relief from the sun’s heat.

In an ingenious attempt to aid the elephant, rescuers crafted a makeshift water pipe from tubing to provide the animal with much-needed water. After multiple attempts over three days, the team’s concern intensified, but so did their determination. By securing the elephant to three Land Cruisers using robust straps, they managed to free it for the second time.

With vital fluids administered by DSWT and KWS, the exhausted elephant regained its strength and managed to stand up again. Later, rangers from the Big Life Foundation spotted the elephant miles away from the rescue site, reporting that it was in a stable condition.

Expressing delight and a sense of accomplishment, Bradford commended everyone involved in this challenging rescue mission. He noted that the most uplifting moment was witnessing the elephant regain its footing after three days of struggle.

Hoan Le