Modern Wooden House in Switzerland: A Charming Green Villa

Modern Wooden House in Switzerland: A Charming Green Villa

Situated in Switzerland, this modern wooden house stands out with its delightful green color and unique design, defying the typical chalet style prevalent in the area due to strict zoning regulations.

The architectural concept of this single-family house takes inspiration from the local vernacular and infuses it with playful and contemporary elements. Its topographical integration follows a “plug-in” approach, reimagining the interior layout and overlapping functions.

Nestled atop the plot, the living spaces unfold beneath the roof, offering breathtaking views of the magnificent Alps and Lake Geneva. The middle floor accommodates the master and child bedrooms, boasting a terrace that provides an additional outdoor space. Meanwhile, the ground floor, accessible from the garden, features an indoor pool and workshop.

By seamlessly blending with the surrounding topography, this single-family house invites an exploration of perceptions and scales. The project’s central theme revolves around the relationship between the inhabitants and the distant landscape, encompassing the captivating lake and majestic Alps, as well as the immediate context of the garden, terrace, and porch.










Nhat Dang