Wοman Delivers Triρlets In Five Days, Breaking Wοrld Recοrd

Wοman Delivers Triρlets In Five Days, Breaking Wοrld Recοrd

Kaylie and Brandon became parents to triplets, Rubi-Rose, Payton Jane, and Porscha-Mae Hopkins, in 2021. The birth of their triplets set a Guinness World Record for the smallest combined birth weight and the most preterm triplets to survive. The babies were born at 22 weeks gestation, with a total weight of only 2lbs 12oz.

Rubi-Rose, the firstborn, weighed 1lb and was immediately placed in a polythene wrap acting as an artificial womb to regulate her body temperature. Payton Jane, the second-born, weighed only 14oz, followed by Porscha-Mae, delivered via C-section, weighing 15oz.

All three babies were placed in incubators and swaddled in polythene wraps, providing them with a temporary womb environment to maintain their body temperature and prevent hypothermia. They each had to breathe independently for 10 seconds before medical intervention was provided to assist with oxygen.

Remarkably, the triplets surpassed the critical 72-hour period and spent several months in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Rubi-Rose and Payton-Jane were able to leave the NICU in July, while Porscha-Mae was expected to be discharged in October 2021.

The Hopkins sisters celebrated their second birthday recently, and their parents, Michaela White and Jason Hopkins, expressed their pride and joy, stating that their daughters have made significant progress since their early days in the NICU.

Nghia Pham