Beаutіful рісtures сарture аn osрrey lіftіng а red sаlmon out of the wаter аnd іnto the аіr.

Beautiful pictures have captured the mesmerizing sight of an osprey lifting a vibrant red salmon out of the water and into the air. These stunning images, taken by talented wildlife photographer Ken Helal, have gone viral, showcasing the keen-eyed raptors and the captivating crimson fish in remarkable detail.

Ken Helal, a physician in his 50s from the inland northwest U.S., spent several weeks during winter capturing this incredible series. He has been pursuing this passion for the past six years.

“In 2015, a friend of mine informed me that ospreys were catching red fish at a local lake,” Helal told The Epoch Times. “I never knew this existed just 15 minutes from my home, and I immediately headed to the lake to witness it firsthand.”

“I take my vacation each year around the time the kokanee spawn to obtain images of them being caught by ospreys,” he added. “After catching the salmon, the osprey flies away, likely to their nests. I almost never see a bird eat the salmon.”

Helal, who developed an interest in photography in 2009 after a close encounter with a bald eagle, shares his favorite shots on Instagram. One particular photo depicting a determined osprey with a shocked-looking salmon in its talons has garnered over 39,000 likes.

“What fascinates me most about this image is how the salmon is aligned to decrease wind resistance, and its gaping mouth,” said Helal.

Using a kayak as his vantage point, Helal captured this special shot with a Canon 5D Mark IV camera and a 500 mm lens. Like all his photos, he processed the image using Photoshop and Topaz software.

Over the years, Helal has learned that ospreys are opportunistic birds. They return to the lake every year when the salmon spawn to “get an easy meal.” He has developed a reverence for the beautiful salmon that sometimes end up in the clutches of their avian predators.

Helal shares his osprey-kokanee series and other works with the world on Instagram. The osprey, he says, is his favorite bird to photograph, but he also enjoys capturing images of bald eagles and great blue herons. Among mammals, moose and elk are his favorites. He particularly enjoys photographing subjects that are located within a reasonable distance from his home.

Acknowledging that some outings may not yield fruitful results, Helal believes in perseverance. His best advice to other photographers is plain and simple: “Putting in effort and time will eventually pay off.”

Nghia Pham