Nurturing a Healthy, Veggie-Loving Baby: A Journey of Natural Parenting

Nurturing a Healthy, Veggie-Loving Baby: A Journey of Natural Parenting

In a world where parenting often involves a plethora of challenges and choices, a young mother from Da Lat, Vietnam, has taken a unique and inspiring path in raising her chubby and cheerful 2-year-old daughter, Nguyen Ngoc Khanh My, lovingly nicknamed Chip. Through a simple yet purposeful approach, this mother has not only cultivated a child who adores vegetables but has also managed to maintain her child’s plump and healthy physique without ever resorting to antibiotics.

From the outset, the journey was marked by naturalness and ease. The mother, Ms. Ngo Thi Want, shared that even during pregnancy, Chip’s development was steady and robust. Exceeding average weight and height milestones, Chip’s journey began in her mother’s womb with nourishment from a simple diet and minimal supplementation, only relying on a multivitamin and a box of prenatal milk.

“I wanted my child to develop in the most natural and ‘organic’ way, so I did not take many supplements, only a multivitamin and a box of prenatal milk. My eating style was also very ‘free’ and on-demand, eating whatever my cravings directed me to,” shared Ms. Ngo.

The birthing process, though presenting challenges, ended successfully. Despite the waters breaking and a late arrival to the hospital, Chip was born healthy and weighed a healthy 3.2kg. From this point forward, Chip’s journey exemplified the mother’s natural parenting philosophy.

With minimal breast milk due to her own body’s composition, Chip was breastfed for six months before transitioning to formula. Surprisingly, the transition was smooth, and Chip’s introduction to solids was met with enthusiasm and cooperation. The mother adhered to Chip’s preferences, ensuring that she ate as she pleased and felt content.

Remarkably, the chubby toddler’s diet mainly consists of vegetables, a rarity among her peers who often prefer sweets and meat. Weighing a healthy 17kg, Chip’s diet has contributed to her robust health, with the young mother attributing her lack of antibiotic usage to her focus on supplementing with calcium and colostrum to boost resistance.

The mother’s clever approach to incorporating vegetables into Chip’s diet began early on, as she meticulously added vegetables to her first porridge meals to combat constipation concerns. Chip’s fondness for vegetables has grown over time, influenced by the mother’s creative and nourishing preparations.

The young mother also emphasizes a dynamic lifestyle for Chip, ensuring that she remains active through outdoor adventures, photo trips, and picnics. With an infectious smile, a penchant for funny expressions, and an affinity for posing for photographs, Chip’s charming persona radiates joy to all who encounter her.This unconventional parenting journey is a testament to the power of intuition and natural choices in raising a happy, healthy child. In a world filled with guidelines and recommendations, Ms. Ngo Thi Want’s approach offers a refreshing perspective that puts the child’s well-being and preferences at the forefront. Chip’s story serves as an inspiring example of a child thriving on a diet that embraces the beauty and nourishment of vegetables, as well as a testament to the profound bond between mother and child.

Nghia Pham