Odegaard Praises Arsenal’s Versatile Player – Declan Rice

Odegaard Praises Arsenal’s Versatile Player – Declan Rice

In a recent interview with Punch Drunk Arsenal, the captain of the Gunners had nothing but praise for his teammate. Martin Odegaard shared his thoughts on Declan Rice, who has been making waves since his move to Arsenal, highlighting the immense potential he brings to the team.

Declan Rice’s transfer to Arsenal was sealed with a staggering £105 million deal. With such a substantial price tag, the English player also carries the responsibility of elevating Arsenal’s midfield and steering them towards achieving silverware.

Undoubtedly, the pressure on the former West Ham star is immense. However, up to this point, Rice has been living up to the expectations. In the recent clash against Crystal Palace, he emerged as one of the standout performers for the away team. Despite playing with a numerical disadvantage for around 30 minutes, Arsenal managed to leave Selhurst Park with a full 3 points.

Speaking about the club’s marquee signing, team captain Martin Odegaard commented:

“Rice has been consistently outstanding in every match since his arrival, and he demonstrated that once again today. He exudes comfort when in possession and provides us with strength in the midfield even when off the ball.”

Odegaard’s words shed light on Declan Rice’s seamless integration into the Arsenal squad and his impact both on and off the ball. As the Gunners continue their journey, Rice’s versatile skills appear to be a crucial asset in their pursuit of success.

Hoan Le