Pregnant Mother Dog Lost and Malnourished, Cared for by a Woman Until She Gives Birth to 15 Puppies

Pregnant Mother Dog Lost and Malnourished, Cared for by a Woman Until She Gives Birth to 15 Puppies

Dogs have an uncanny ability to surprise us. They may not wear sleeves, but they certainly have a knack for unexpected antics. You never know when your beloved pup will sneak a bite of food from the table or chase after a neighborhood cat with a burst of barks.

Yet, dogs can also surprise us in the most heartwarming ways, just like this pregnant dog who was discovered struggling on the streets, under the scorching sun. Fortunately, she was rescued and, to everyone’s astonishment, gave birth to a whopping 15 puppies, leaving her rescuers in awe of the love and growth that unfolded within this furry family in just one day.

Allow me to introduce you to Lil’Mama, a pregnant brindle pitbull mix who was found and rescued by Stephanie Fikes, a compassionate bartender, and Justin Richie, a yoga instructor. Both Fikes and Richie are artists who share a deep love for animals. Bored Panda had the opportunity to interview them and learn more about this extraordinary story.

Fikes was on her way to the store when she noticed a dog in the parking lot, panting under the sweltering heat, her bulging belly a clear indication of her impending motherhood. The poor stray appeared malnourished and dehydrated. Worried that the dog might be going into labor, Fikes called the mama dog over and gently placed her in the car, driving her to Richie’s house to ensure her comfort. They provided her with food, water, and a cool environment.

Together, they took Lil’Mama to the veterinarian to ensure her well-being. After removing approximately 20 ticks and giving her a much-needed flea bath, the vet confirmed that she was in good shape and ready to give birth. The exact timing of the birth was uncertain, as it could happen anywhere from 5 minutes to 5 days later. Unfortunately, they couldn’t trace any ownership through a microchip, so Lil’Mama became a part of their lives.

With careful preparations, Fikes and Richie eagerly awaited the arrival of Lil’Mama’s puppies. She spent another week with them until Fikes noticed the early signs of labor.

“Although it’s still too early to tell with all the puppies, Lil’Mama is undeniably calm and incredible,” explained Richie. “There’s no way she has spent her entire life as a stray. She’s housebroken, great with other animals and new people, and an exceptional mother. While she allows only Steph and me into the bedroom where the puppies are, her growls serve as gentle warnings to others, never aggressive. We have truly fallen in love with this sweet soul.”

The brindle pitbull mix, once malnourished and dehydrated, was now safe and loved, thanks to the compassion of Fikes and Richie.

During the birth, Fikes comforted Lil’Mama, and in a moment of astonishment, she said, “I don’t want to be dramatic, but I think that’s a puppy.” Richie joined in the excitement, making their predictions about the number of puppies. He guessed 6-8, while Fikes anticipated 9 or 10. Little did they expect the arrival of not just a few, but 15 puppies!

Yes, you read that right—15 puppies later, these two friends suddenly found themselves caring for a family of 16 dogs. To put it into perspective, the average number of puppies in a litter is around five to six. The current world record stands at 24 puppies born to a Neapolitan mastiff named Tia in 2004. So, 15 puppies is quite a remarkable surprise.

Naturally, Fikes and Richie were shocked but delighted. Richie expressed their sentiments, saying, “We were absolutely surprised. But we feel like this big family was meant to happen, and it has been an incredible experience that neither of us will ever forget.”

Their plan now is to find permanent homes for this adorable pup family. Fikes and Richie are working tirelessly to identify loving adopters who can provide a forever home for each puppy. In addition to matching the puppies with suitable families, they are also ensuring that each pup receives the necessary vaccinations and learns basic manners, so they can bring joy without causing chaos.

With the help of social media and their friends, Fikes and Richie are well on their way to creating a list of potential adopters. These adopters will be ready to welcome the puppies into their lives when they reach the appropriate age.

And now, the fun part—names! Richie and Fikes decided to name the puppies after food. Richie shared their creative choices: “We decided to name the puppies after food! We are naming them as they grow. Some already have names, while others are still awaiting theirs. So far, we have Hoagie, Tofu, and Tempeh (twins), Basil, Biscuit, and Gravy (another set of twins), Fig, Roux, Queso, Gumbo, Thyme, Falafel, Ginger, Cookie, and Sage.”

In this heartwarming tale of compassion and love, Lil’Mama and her 15 puppies have found safety and care, thanks to the kind hearts of Stephanie Fikes and Justin Richie.

Nhat Dang