Rare Sight Giraffe’s Extraordinary Birthing Process

Rare Sight Giraffe’s Extraordinary Birthing Process

Visitors to a nature reserve in South Africa witnessed the incredible birthing process of a giraffe.

Tourists visiting a nature reserve in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, had the privilege of witnessing the birthing process of a giraffe firsthand.

The mother giraffe endured a 2-hour-long labor, finally giving birth to a 1.8-meter-tall calf. The giraffe herd stood nearby, providing protection and support to the mother during the delivery.

Fifteen minutes after birth, the calf was lovingly licked clean by its mother, removing the birth fluids from its body, allowing it to stand up.

Taking its first steps in life, the calf faced challenges, but with each stumble, it grew more resilient.

It took tentative steps, its legs still weak.

The mother giraffe continued to shelter and care for the calf in its early moments, soon after which the calf would nurse from its mother.

Giraffes have a gestation period of 16 months. The current global population of giraffes has decreased from 140,000 individuals in 1999 to only 80,000 today.

Nghia Pham