Reconstruction of A large Family Residence in Kaliningrad

Reconstruction of A large Family Residence in Kaliningrad

Giving new life to an old house and designing an entire world away from prying eyes – showcasing the power of architecture and modern construction technologies. The original building plot served as the foundation for the project, which remained unchanged.

We drew inspiration from the traditional silhouette of our architecture and incorporated modern trends with smooth lines, aiming for emotional and energy efficiency. The spaces seamlessly flow into one another, creating their own internal “interior landscape.”

The beauty of the site, the originality of the idea, and the relatively good condition of the foundation played a role in the decision to collaborate. Plans changed, and it was decided to restore the house. The style of the house can be described as “family luxury,” striking a balance between practical convenience and aesthetic appeal, simplicity, and luxury.

We employed a play of contrasting textures and materials, such as light thermally treated wood, soapstone, slate, metal, and ceramic granite. The clients also requested us to design a “smart home” system that would manage Face ID, landscape systems, lighting, ventilation, heating, a spa area, and much more.

A spacious home is required for a large family, providing each member with their personal space and a place for everyone to gather together. The project incorporates many elements of industrial style, including black-painted metal, wooden ribbed facades, columns reminiscent of rotating partitions, and rough concrete.

Despite these elements, the house does not appear brutal or unwelcoming, thanks to its intricate geometry, warm wood tones, and well-maintained landscape. The result is a modern, comfortable, and very welcoming home that appeals to both adults and children – an ideal place for a large family’s country living.

An exclusive landscape design that harmoniously complements the architectural solutions, tailored to the climate and features of the site, is the perfect investment project.

A professional elite-class landscape design becomes an integral part of the architecture and significantly enhances the value of your home.

During the design phase, many nuances need to be considered, such as soil predisposition for plantings, the interplay of sunlight and shade, and the influence of the local climate on the possibility of incorporating decorative water structures.

A well-groomed territory expands the boundaries of your personal space, filling life with inspiration, energy, and a new level of comfort.

Nhat Dang