Renovating a Country House on Your Own

Renovating a Country House on Your Own

The reconstruction of a country house can involve complete or partial renovation, restoration or repair work, or a combination of these. Both personal sketches and professional designs can be used, but the result of any such project goes beyond just changing the appearance of the house; it also enhances its comfort and practicality.

Roof Renewal
If the house has a flat roof, it can serve as a foundation for building a gazebo or terrace. Here, you can install a canopy, add safety railings, place outdoor furniture, and build a side staircase for access. The load on the foundation will be minimal, so there is no need for foundation reinforcement during the construction process.

Attic Conversion
Another great idea is to transform the attic space into a second floor. The attic can be built on top of an existing attic space, requiring minimal internal reconstruction. Partial repairs, insulation, and interior finishing are all that’s needed.

Roof Replacement
In addition to reconstructing the roof to create additional living space in the country house, it’s also worth considering replacing the old roof with a new one. In this case, the installation of a new support system needs to be considered, along with calculating the weight of roofing materials and, possibly, reinforcing and repairing worn-out supporting parts.

Reconstruction of House Walls
Renewing Wooden Walls
If the logs or beams have not decayed but are slightly damaged, it’s best to start the repair process as soon as the defects are noticed.

First, a thorough cleaning of the wooden walls and drying should be carried out, preferably during dry and warm weather. Next, treatment with wood preservatives and filling of inter-log gaps is done. After the main work, additional treatment with bioprotective agents and finishing are performed several days later.

Repairing and reconstructing wooden walls, as well as finishing and cladding, not only restore the load-bearing capacity and safety of the structure but also enhance its aesthetics and give it a new look. Additionally, it helps insulate the living space while exterior work is underway.

Reconstructing a country house can be both fascinating and challenging. However, despite the difficulties, many projects can be successfully completed by oneself.

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