The Exquisite Beauty: Revealing the Most Beautiful Summer Cottage in Finland

The Exquisite Beauty: Revealing the Most Beautiful Summer Cottage in Finland

Every year in the neighboring country, they select the most beautiful summer cottage. People nominate their cottages for the competition, offer tours to journalists, and encourage their friends and neighbors to vote for them… It’s a wonderful tradition that promotes the joys of cottage living.

Any cottage can win the title. An old cabin hidden somewhere in the forests. A tiny retro villa on the lakefront (I’ve already told you about it). And this year, it’s a cozy cottage in a bay that can only be reached by boat. Today, I’ll tell you about it.

This is how the cottage in Finland, recognized as the most beautiful this year, looks like. Steps and a stone-paved path lead to the lake.

Surrounding it is untouched nature, unaffected by civilization.

The cottage has an area of 70 square meters. It was built in the early 2000s. The ground floor features a kitchen, a living room, the parents’ bedroom, a bathroom, and a sauna. The attic is converted into unique sleeping spaces, with one having three beds and another with two.

The family justifies the number of beds with their hospitality—they have two adult children (a 25-year-old son and a 23-year-old daughter) who often come to the cottage with their partners. The couple’s friends also frequently visit.

“We love gathering at the cottage with our loved ones and hosting formal dinners on the terrace,” says the cottage owner.

However, it’s a stretch to call this summer cottage simple. It’s equipped with everything necessary inside. One can live here year-round if desired. The allure of nature, fresh air, and a lake within walking distance tempt you to make such a choice (at least for me).

From the outside, the cottage seems low, but inside, it’s quite spacious. Thanks to high ceilings and the attic space, they managed to create something like a second floor.

The main principle in the interior, adhered to by the owner, is combining wood with white. It truly looks harmonious. It’s somehow rustic.

And these rattan chairs are true vintage pieces. They were inherited by the head of the family from their parents. In the 1950s, these chairs were in their house. What quality furniture!

From this perspective, you can see that the living room has a television and a few books—everything necessary to avoid boredom.

The living room smoothly transitions into the large kitchen (also serving as the dining area). The kitchen used to be small and purely symbolic, but it was renovated into a fully functional space five years ago. The couple enjoys cooking, and they frequently have guests.

Next to the kitchen on the ground floor is the bedroom. The light textiles continue the main theme of the interior.

This is how the sauna looks like. The bathroom is also located in the same space.

And finally, a photo from outside. It shows that there is an open, well-maintained terrace next to the cottage.

How beautiful it must be to relax here in the evening—having conversations with loved ones, sipping tea, and watching the sunset…

This is the most beautiful cottage in Finland this year. How do you like it? Did you find it appealing? Or do you think it could have been even better?

Nhat Dang