Romance Rumors: Selena Gomez Allegedly Dating Married Actor Amidst Ongoing Zayn Malik Drama

Romance Rumors: Selena Gomez Allegedly Dating Married Actor Amidst Ongoing Zayn Malik Drama

A new wave of gossip has ignited Selena Gomez’s love life, with reports of a blossoming relationship between her and a popular actor surfacing while the saga with Zayn Malik is still unresolved.

According to the latest scorching rumors from Elle magazine, citing showbiz outlet DeuxMoi, Selena Gomez is currently dating actor Jeremy Allen White. Insider sources revealed that Jeremy met an A-list singer-actress during a Vanity Fair photoshoot at the end of June. Since then, they have been in contact and started dating after the actress returned to the United States following her overseas commitments. Elle suggests that the female protagonist in this news piece is Selena Gomez due to the matching details. She is both an actress and a singer who recently returned from France and participated in a photoshoot for Vanity Fair’s 29th anniversary edition alongside Jeremy.

Notably, Jeremy is still a married man, despite filing for divorce from American Horror Story star Addison Timlin. Meanwhile, the love drama between Selena Gomez and Zayn Malik is far from over, as the singer recently unfollowed both Zayn and Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid’s sister, on Instagram.

However, according to Elle, the romantic reports about Selena and Jeremy are inaccurate. In June, the Ice Cream singer herself confirmed on TikTok that she is currently single. Furthermore, recent images captured by Daily Mail reveal that Jeremy is still wearing his wedding ring, casting doubt on the Selena dating rumors.

Selena Gomez has recently been at the center of controversies surrounding her personal relationships. She faced a mix of opinions when she unfollowed several celebrities on Instagram, notably Zayn Malik, Gigi Hadid (Zayn’s ex), Bella Hadid, and Zendaya. This action raised speculation that Selena and Zayn have temporarily halted their acquaintance and are no longer involved romantically.

People magazine has also stepped in to shed light on this sudden “heaven-sent” drama and provided details from a reliable source. It is known that Selena Gomez had no intention of stirring up drama with these stars and held no significant weight behind her decision to unfollow them. However, according to fans, this action is far from simple. Many netizens pointed fingers at Selena, claiming she frequently uses such tactics to fuel her own fame.

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