Ronaldo Sets Guinness World Record, Surpasses Messi as Highest-Earning Athlete in 2023

Ronaldo Sets Guinness World Record, Surpasses Messi as Highest-Earning Athlete in 2023

In a remarkable feat, Cristiano Ronaldo has once again claimed a Guinness World Record by becoming the highest-earning athlete of 2023, surpassing his rival Lionel Messi and securing his third such recognition. On July 14th, the Guinness World Records organization confirmed Ronaldo’s achievement, which was based on the earnings of athletes from May 1st, 2022, to May 1st, 2023.

Ronaldo secured the top spot with a total income of $136 million, comprising $46 million from football and an impressive $90 million from endorsements and business ventures. This notable achievement adds to Ronaldo’s legacy as one of the most successful and financially influential athletes in the world.

In the previous year, Lionel Messi led this category, but this time he claimed the second spot with earnings of $130 million. Kylian Mbappe, known as the highest-paid player in France, claimed the third position with a substantial income of $120 million.

In the realm of basketball, LeBron James, the star player of the NBA, ranked fourth with earnings of $119 million. Meanwhile, professional boxer Canelo Alvarez secured the fifth position with a total income of $110 million, including $100 million in fight purses and an additional $10 million from various sources.

Despite retiring from tennis last year, the legendary Roger Federer still made his mark by securing the ninth position with earnings of $95.1 million. While Federer only earned a mere $100,000 from tennis itself in the past year, he benefited from lucrative endorsement deals, showcasing his enduring popularity and marketability. Ronaldo’s achievement not only showcases his prowess on the football field but also highlights his entrepreneurial success beyond the sport. With his consistent performances and widespread appeal, he continues to dominate both the game and the business of sports, setting new standards of success and financial achievement. As athletes like Ronaldo and Messi continuously raise the bar for earnings, it reflects the increasing influence and commercialization of sports, with athletes becoming powerful brands in their own right, transcending their respective fields and captivating audiences worldwide.

Nghia Pham