She just wanted to make friends but this is the result she got

She just wanted to make friends but this is the result she got

Amora, a stray dog, crossed my path under dire circumstances. In an act of kindness, she approached some individuals, hoping to make friends. However, instead of finding companionship, she was met with cruelty and brutality.

Unaware of the danger, she wagged her tail innocently, only to be met with gunfire. The monsters unleashed their aggression upon her, shattering her jaw into countless pieces and inflicting a deep, gaping wound on her neck. The remnants of bullets were discovered embedded in her face and body, posing a grave threat to her health. Heartbreakingly, no one came forward to offer assistance.

Days later, I stumbled upon the injured dog standing in a puddle of water, desperately pleading for help. Her wounds were severe, requiring a three-hour surgery to repair her shattered jaw.

She underwent a second surgery to mend her broken bones and remove a hazardous bone found in her stomach. Despite receiving strong pain medication, she endured immense suffering.

To aid her recovery, the doctor prescribed exercises to improve blood circulation. However, she continued to experience pain and severe mouth irritation, necessitating regular injections of painkillers. We did our best to lift her spirits, sharing jokes and offering encouragement, but her happiness seemed elusive.

After an arduous 30-day period, the surgical structure was removed, although her jaw remained stiff, causing slight difficulties in movement. The doctor estimated that she would be able to eat again in about a month.

Two months later, she regained the ability to feed herself, and the tumor in her esophagus was successfully treated. Even better, we received news that we could finally be discharged from the veterinary clinic.

All the hardships and obstacles had finally come to an end. The dedicated efforts of the medical team were truly commendable, as Amora’s transformation astonished everyone at the clinic.

Despite enduring excruciating pain and teetering on the edge of death, she still held onto her faith in humanity. Since that fateful encounter, her life has been filled with love and happiness.

Nghia Pham