“Sheepdog Extraordinaire”! Meet Jess, the Springer Spaniel

“Sheepdog Extraordinaire”! Meet Jess, the Springer Spaniel

Who takes on the role of a surrogate mother to orphaned lambs, even going so far as to feed them from a bottle herself. It may not be the most convincing resemblance to their actual mother, but when you’re desperate for a drink, who really cares?

Come rain or shine, three times a day, Jess embarks on her very own milk delivery rounds. With a bottle clenched firmly in her mouth, she tends to the needs of these motherless lambs, much to the delight of Louise Moorhouse, the owner of a 180-acre farm with 270 sheep.

Louise can’t imagine managing without Jess, as she considers her an extra set of helpful paws. Since her puppy days, Jess has been trained to hold a milk bottle in her mouth, and she has taken it upon herself to become the surrogate mother to four Dorset Horn lambs who couldn’t be fed by their own mothers. Watching Jess dash across the field, bottle in tow, is quite the spectacle.

Located near Exeter and affiliated with the Devon Wildlife Trust, the farm specializes in rare-breed sheep. Jess’s remarkable dedication has inspired another aspiring farmhand, Lily the Cocker Spaniel, who is already undergoing training to carry on the tradition once Jess retires her bottle.

Louise finds it hilarious when Jess sprints across the field, gripping the bottle and causing milk to spray everywhere.

Jess has always had a penchant for carrying things in her mouth, including various feeding buckets for her flock of sheep.

Nothing seems to be too much of a chore for this talented canine.

Whether it’s lifting, carrying, or delivering milk to her paw, Jess is always ready to lend a helping hand.

Indeed, being a surrogate mother and assisting with the daily chores is thirsty work. But Jess embraces it all with joy and enthusiasm.

After all, what could be more rewarding than seeing those adorable lambs well-fed and cared for?

Nhat Dang