Shiba Inu Who Survived Devastating House Fire Transforms into Therapy Dog for Burn Victims

Shiba Inu Who Survived Devastating House Fire Transforms into Therapy Dog for Burn Victims

Meet Taka, a remarkable Shiba Inu who has turned his tragic past into a source of hope and solace for others.

Back in 2018, this nine-year-old dog suffered severe injuries during a harrowing house fire. After receiving critical care at Care More Animal Hospital, Taka caught the attention of Crystal Lesley, one of the veterinary technicians, who instantly formed a deep bond with this friendly canine.

While undergoing treatment, Taka developed a unique connection with Lesley, leading her to make the decision to foster him herself. Recognizing Taka’s potential to bring comfort to those in similar circumstances, Lesley made plans to enroll him in therapy dog training.

For Taka, coming home with Lesley was a joyous occasion, having endured so much recently. The fire had not only left him physically scarred but also took away his sight and his family.

The fire that engulfed Taka’s home occurred while he was napping one afternoon, catching everyone off guard. In the chaos, his family evacuated without realizing Taka was still inside.

By some miracle, Taka managed to escape and survive the flames, but not without suffering severe burns that necessitated immediate medical attention. Thanks to the dedicated veterinarians at Care More Hospital, Taka’s life was saved. It took several weeks of intensive care to nurse him back to health, but Taka would never be able to reunite with his original family.

Overwhelmed by the extent of his injuries, Taka’s family made the difficult decision to leave him in the hospital, as they doubted their ability to provide the specialized care he needed. Thus, Taka embarked on his treatment and rehabilitation alone, and when the time came for him to leave the hospital, he required a foster home.

Although it was a heartbreaking turn of events, Taka’s family’s choice eventually led him to the loving life he enjoys today. Lesley’s home became his sanctuary, and what was initially meant to be a temporary arrangement turned into a permanent bond as she realized she could never part with this sweet, resilient, and compassionate pup.

Adjusting to his new environment wasn’t always easy, as Taka initially struggled to get along with his new doggie siblings. However, Lesley decided to seek assistance from the Canine Training Project, providing Taka with the guidance, structure, and confidence he needed.

Observing Taka’s progress and his evident love for training, Lesley took the next step and enrolled him in Therapy Dog training. Recognizing his inherently friendly and comforting nature, she believed Taka possessed all the qualities necessary to become an exceptional Therapy Dog.

Moreover, Taka’s own experiences made him uniquely capable of connecting with burn survivors on a profound level.

Having spent more than a year trapped in a burning building, Taka’s life has been forever altered. He has come a long way since then, forging lifelong friendships at Care More Animal Hospital and finding a new, devoted family. Recently completing his Therapy Dog training, Taka’s Journey showcases his endearing and heartwarming adventures.

The transformation Taka has undergone in just one year is truly remarkable, and there is no doubt that he will continue to positively impact the lives of many in the coming years.


Nghia Pham