Snowcap, A Strikingly Beautiful Hummingbird With One-of-its-kind Red Wine, Deep Purple Plumage

Snowcap, A Strikingly Beautiful Hummingbird With One-of-its-kind Red Wine, Deep Purple Plumage

The world of hummingbirds is truly captivating. Social media is filled with awe-inspiring images of these birds, some of which are so stunning that people question their very existence.

Among these mesmerizing creatures is the Snowcap, a hummingbird that transcends the pages of fairy tales and actually roams in the wild. Despite its diminutive size, no larger than a bumblebee, this tiny and plump bird always manages to stand out in a crowd. Its distinctive feature lies in its one-of-a-kind plumage, a breathtaking combination of red wine and deep purple, complemented by a glistening snow-white cap.

These birds are unbelievably adorable.

Both male and female Snowcap hummingbirds exhibit similar appearances. The females boast snowy white underparts and possess a short, straight bill. Their upper parts shimmer with a bronze-greenish hue. The young ones also share these remarkable features.

Snowcap hummingbirds are native to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and western Panama. They thrive in the lush canopies, along the damp edges of forests, and within adjacent woodlands.

Their primary diet consists of nectar derived from small flowers found on vines, trees, and epiphytes. With astonishing agility, they hover and lap up nectar an astounding 13 times per second. Additionally, these birds supplement their diet with insects and spiders.

During the breeding season, both male and female Snowcap hummingbirds may mate with up to seven individuals of the opposite sex. Once a mate is found, the female constructs a nest on a small twig or vine. This intricately woven nest, shaped like a cup, is crafted from plant fiber and cobwebs. The female then lays two eggs within the nest, diligently incubates them for approximately two weeks, and nurtures the chicks until they are fully fledged.

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Nghia Pham