The Adorable Pudu: South America’s Smallest and Cutest Deer

The Adorable Pudu: South America’s Smallest and Cutest Deer

Allow me to tell you a story about the tiniest deer species known as Pudus. These delightful creatures can be found in South America and measure only 12 to 16 inches in height.

Pudus have a diverse diet that includes grass, seeds, vegetables, and fruits. They possess the remarkable ability to stand on their hind legs and even jump onto trees. Their agility and quick reflexes enable them to escape from predators when pursued.

These charming creatures have a lifespan of around eight to ten years. They give birth to one or two fawns during the spring season and spend their lives in dense forests.

Pudus are known for their high level of activity, excelling in jumping and climbing. Surprisingly, they are about the same size as domestic dogs.

There are two distinct types of pudus: the northern Pudus found in Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, and Peru, and the southern Pudus encountered in Chile and Argentina.

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Nhat Dang