Stray Dog And Puppies Keep Abandoned Day-Old Baby Alive

Stray Dog And Puppies Keep Abandoned Day-Old Baby Alive

In the heart of Chattisgarh province, India, a heartwarming incident unfolded one chilly December night. A newborn baby, abandoned in a field, was left unclothed with her umbilical cord still attached. However, fortune smiled upon her, as she was discovered the following day nestled amidst a group of puppies, kept warm and protected by a devoted dog.

Witnesses marveled at the scene, acknowledging that it was the combined warmth of the mother dog and her puppies that had miraculously sustained the newborn’s fragile life. With plummeting nighttime temperatures and the onset of December, her survival was nothing short of a fortunate twist of fate.

Captivating images captured the sight of the tiny infant nestled among the straw alongside her newfound furry family. Miraculously, the baby emerged unharmed, her cries alerting those nearby to her presence.

Local residents swiftly informed the panchayat, the local governing body, who promptly contacted the police. The infant was swiftly taken to a hospital, where she received a thorough medical examination. Subsequently, she was referred to the Child Line Project, where she would receive the necessary care and attention.

An investigation has been launched, as authorities diligently search for the baby’s parents. Senior IPS officer of Chhattisgarh Police, Special DG RK Vij, expressed his profound shock at the incident, emphasizing the need to uncover the truth behind this heartbreaking abandonment.

Munnalal Patel, a local representative, shared the account of their discovery. As they went about their daily chores, they stumbled upon the heart-rending scene. Patel recounts, “At 11 in the morning, we came across a crying newborn baby girl lying alongside a group of puppies in our village. Overwhelmed with concern, we promptly informed the health department, who ensured the baby received immediate medical attention.”

To comprehend why the dog took on the role of guardian, animal trainer Shelby Semel shared insights with Romper. She explained that dogs form strong bonds with their human pack, often considering a baby as a new addition to their own animal family. Dogs possess an instinctual awareness of their pack’s hierarchy and are naturally inclined to safeguard the more vulnerable members. Recognizing the helpless, flailing creature as one in need of protection, they instinctively provide their care and support.

This extraordinary tale of a rescued newborn finding solace and warmth within the embrace of a compassionate dog showcases the remarkable compassion that animals can exhibit. While authorities diligently search for answers, the enduring image of this infant, cradled by her four-legged guardian, serves as a reminder of the unconditional love that can exist between different species.

Nhat Dang