Stray Puppy Hit By Car And Unable To Move, Finally Spotted After 12 Hours In Cold

Stray Puppy Hit By Car And Unable To Move, Finally Spotted After 12 Hours In Cold

After spending nearly 12 hours immobile and freezing in the snow, a stray puppy who had been hit by a car was finally spotted and rescued. The incident took place in a northern village of Alberta, Canada, where temperatures were below freezing. The puppy had suffered a shattered pelvis and was unable to move.

Luckily, a group of observant teenagers came across the injured puppy and immediately contacted AB Task Force, an animal rescue organization. AB Task Force then reached out to the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) for assistance.

According to AARCS, the puppy, now named Nutmeg, had endured hours of solitude and freezing conditions until rescuers discovered her and rushed her to SAVEvet, a veterinary facility. The warmth from Nutmeg’s body had caused the snow surrounding her to melt, leaving a small visible area.

Upon being found, Nutmeg expressed her gratitude and relief to her rescuers. Currently, she is undergoing treatment and is required to rest in a crate for six weeks due to her shattered pelvis. AARCS emphasized the importance of providing Nutmeg with plenty of snacks, love, and gentle backstrokes during her recovery.

Once Nutmeg has fully healed, she will be made available for adoption. AARCS encourages interested individuals to visit their website for more information about their organization and the adoption process.

In a heartwarming update, AARCS announced that Nutmeg has found her forever home. They expressed their joy and gratitude for all the support received throughout Nutmeg’s journey.

Please share Nutmeg’s inspiring rescue story with your loved ones and friends, spreading awareness of the incredible work done by organizations like AARCS in saving and rehabilitating animals in need.

Nghia Pham