Surprised by the New Look of the Swiss Alps

Surprised by the New Look of the Swiss Alps

When thinking of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, one might envision lush green meadows and tranquil, crystal-clear lakes. However, the stunning infrared photography by Zak van Biljon challenges the way we perceive the world.

In his series “Transforming Nature’s Appearance,” the artist replaces the natural scenery with vibrant shades of pink and red, raising the question of how we truly perceive nature. Van Biljon hopes that his vivid images will inspire city dwellers to reconsider the magnificence of “Mother Nature” as never before. He states, “We need to change our perspective on nature in the 21st century, much like landscape painters of the 19th century had to face industrialization.”

With the rise of supercities and over half of the population being born in urban areas, the new generation is tech-savvy and focused on convenience, yet increasingly detached from nature. Born in Cape Town but now residing in Zurich, the talented photographer captures the majestic Swiss mountain landscapes.

From the vibrant red-hued mountain passes and hills to the crimson-tinted meadows, Biljon’s infrared lens portrays a “candy-colored world.” While the contours and landscapes of the Alps in his photographs remain familiar, Biljon transforms the artistic composition using technology.

Zak van Biljon’s extraordinary infrared photography marks a surreal turning point in our perception of the world.




Hoan Le