Tears Shed For Loyal Dog Lying Next To The Grave Of Its Deceased Owner

Tears Shed For Loyal Dog Lying Next To The Grave Of Its Deceased Owner

Zozo the dog in Turkey visits the grave of its owner every day, displaying sorrow and longing for an extended period of time. The story brings tears to anyone who witnesses or hears about it.
The story was recounted by Ozturk, a young boy from Turkey. He regularly visits the grave of his late father. On one occasion, he discovered a strange white object lying on his father’s grave. Upon closer inspection, he realized it was the family’s dog, Zozo. Due to its fondness and missing its old master, Zozo comes here every day, lying close to the grave.

During his father’s lifetime, Ozturk’s father raised Zozo from a young age and treated him as a beloved pet in the household. His father took good care of Zozo, always feeding him, conversing with him, and taking him for walks. The bond was maintained for a long period of time until his father passed away in February 2014. The family members in Ozturk’s home continued to take turns caring for Zozo, but the dog remained deeply saddened and reluctant to eat.

Since Ozturk’s father’s passing, Zozo no longer had the opportunity to meet its owner, so it started seeking out his grave. Every day, it comes here to be in the presence of its owner, just as it did when he was alive.

According to Ozturk’s account, Zozo has not missed a single day at the grave. When it arrives at the grave, it lies down on top of it, with its front paws embracing the soil, its eyes glistening with sadness. Anyone who witnesses this scene feels deeply moved. In this manner, Zozo lies quietly in front of the grave, gazing into the distance, as if reminiscing about the joyful times spent with its late owner.

Although it is just an animal, Zozo has demonstrated the love it has for its owner, even when he is no longer in this world.

After the images and story of the dog were shared, internet users expressed their admiration for its devotion to its owner.

There are many touching stories of dogs and their owners around the world. Examples include Masha the dog in Russia, who waits day and night for her deceased owner at the Novosibirsk hospital where he received treatment. Then there’s Tommy the dog in Italy, faithfully sitting and waiting for his owner who passed away in the church. And Lao Pan the dog in China, who lay beside his owner’s grave for seven consecutive days. The most famous of all is Hachiko the dog in Japan, who spent 9 years at the train station waiting for his deceased owner.

A statue of the loyal dog Hachiko has been erected at Shibuya Station to commemorate the story of the dog and its owner.

It is evident that the bond between loyal dogs and their owners is truly moving. This unspoken affection is demonstrated through specific actions in their daily lives. Although they are merely animals acting on instinct, dogs harbor love and a deep connection with their owners. There seems to be an invisible bond between the two, regardless of any circumstances.

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