The Animal World: Fierce Battle Between Arch-Nemeses

The Animal World: Fierce Battle Between Arch-Nemeses

A video captures a fierce battle between two eternal adversaries: a snake and a mangut.

The natural world harbors many intriguing phenomena, and snakes are dangerous and formidable creatures that command respect from various species, including humans. However, the small mangut is the nemesis of snakes, especially venomous ones like the cobra, as it possesses the ability to withstand their deadly venom.

A video posted by the Smithsonian Channel unveils a life-and-death struggle in the wild between a mangut and a snake, two sworn enemies at odds with each other.

In the arid grasslands of the sub-Saharan African desert, a mangut is on a hunting expedition. Luckily, it spots a snake from a distance and swiftly closes in on its prey.

In the recorded footage, the mangut fearlessly approaches and launches an attack, but the snake is no docile creature and fiercely retaliates.

The two animals engage in an intense confrontation, with neither gaining the upper hand. Despite being on the offensive, the mangut fails to swiftly subdue its prey.

In a head-on attack, the mangut exhibits a breathtaking maneuver akin to that of a skilled dancer.

Finally, after a relentless and inconclusive battle, the snake takes the initiative and delivers a knockout blow by lunging forward and biting the mangut’s mouth.

Stunned by the painful strike, the mangut quickly recoils, seizing the opportunity as the snake hastily retreats. With its innate immunity to snake venom, the mangut’s life is not in danger following the attack. However, it concedes defeat to its formidable opponent.

Nghia Pham