The Controversy Surrounding the Image of the “World’s Tiniest and Darkest Baby”

The Controversy Surrounding the Image of the “World’s Tiniest and Darkest Baby”

Recently, a photo circulated online claiming to depict the “blackest South African baby in the world,” and it quickly garnered attention and sparked a heated debate within both foreign and Vietnamese online communities. While many expressed interest in the baby, others raised objections, suggesting that the image could be a product of photo manipulation or simply a doll. This controversy over whether the baby is real or fake has gained significant traction, with numerous entertainment news sites reporting on it.

Upon analysis by Rachfeed, it is highly likely that the baby in question is indeed a doll. Rachfeed argued that upon closer inspection, the baby’s entire eye area appears completely black, with the white in the eyes being a mere reflection of light. According to their assessment, such eyes would not be possible for a real baby, making it more probable that the image features a doll rather than an actual child.

However, the truth behind the origin of the photo and the claim of the “blackest South African baby in the world” has left many people feeling perplexed and unsure due to conflicting information. Some individuals have been misled, leading to a rather large misunderstanding.

Research indicates that the baby in the photo is, in fact, a doll called “OOAK Baby Orangutan Monkey.” This doll is advertised as a handcrafted art doll, measuring between 20-40cm in length and weighing approximately 1.1kg. It is made from rubber material that closely resembles real leather. While it can be purchased for display and decoration purposes, users can also buy additional clothes, jewelry, and accessories to change the doll’s outfits.

This type of monkey doll is quite popular and is often sold on platforms like eBay for prices ranging from $99 to $150.

To clarify the situation, some pictures of the doll that caused the online frenzy in the past few days are included below

[Images of the “OOAK Baby Orangutan Monkey” doll] :

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