The dog with a broken leg, slit his mouth like Joker makes everyone angry

The dog with a broken leg, slit his mouth like Joker makes everyone angry

If you don’t have enough love, give it away, never treat your pets as badly as what the poor dog below has experienced.

Bobby is a 6-month-old Golden Retriever, found lying on a wasteland in Seoul, South Korea in very bad condition: one leg is broken, the muzzle is tied with ropes, both sides The corner of its mouth is slashed to the eye just like The Joker character , along with many other injuries all over the body, clear signs of abuse.

Bobby the dog was broken leg.

Not only that, its snout was also slashed up to the eye.

While examining Bobby ‘s wound , it was also noticed that the cut on his muzzle was made with a knife or with a hand-held mini flamethrower. The muzzle was tied so that the inside of its mouth was still infected, making it unable to eat or drink anything.

In addition to the broken leg, Bobby also suffered many wounds, burns and infections on all four limbs. All four of its claws were smashed, so it couldn’t walk properly either.


Bobby suffered various injuries all over his body.

Fortunately, Bobby was found and rescued in time. Currently, this dog is being cared for at a pet shelter and taken to surgery to treat injuries on her body. It will take some time to fully recover, both physically and mentally.

Despite such severe abuse, Bobby is a very obedient and friendly dog, often wagging her tail happily when receiving the care of rescue workers. It is currently being investigated to find out the identity of the person who treated it badly, most likely its owner.

Bobby is being treated and cared for.

Hoan Le