“The ‘double-handed battle’ of North American Roseate Spoonbills captured by a photographer

“The ‘double-handed battle’ of North American Roseate Spoonbills captured by a photographer

A photographer has captured timeless images of a pair of North American Roseate Spoonbills engaged in a mid-air ‘double-handed battle’.

Andy Raupp, a 28-year-old photographer from Wisconsin, USA, faced many challenges in photography due to a debilitating injury. However, recently, he had the opportunity to transform the image of birds into something timeless when he captured the scene of North American Roseate Spoonbills in a mid-air ‘double-handed battle’.

On a snowy day in January 2021, Andy set up his camera in silent mode to photograph wildlife, placing it behind a photo blind in his backyard. He managed to capture some beautiful shots of the pair of spoonbills on a cedar branch. The clash of the pink bills and the beautiful wings of the birds contrasted with the cold gray and dark green of the bleak winter, creating a stunning scene that touched the viewers.

Then, a sudden burst of red light disrupted the serene moment, instantly stirring up a flurry of feathers in mid-air.

“Out of nowhere, the second roseate spoonbill flew in and started a fight,” Raupp recounted to The Epoch Times. “In an instant, the two birds flew up in the air, and in another instant, it was over.”

“After the scuffle between the two spoonbills, I quickly looked through the photos behind the camera and was thrilled with what I captured. It was truly amazing to see that swift action frozen in time. That’s one of the reasons why I love photographing birds,” he said.

With his Sony A1 camera set at a slow shutter speed of 1/4000 seconds, the photographer managed to capture no less than 40 frames of the split-second clash, depicting the enraged gaze of the roseate spoonbills retaliating against each other for the disturbance.

Andy shared this fascinating moment on his personal Instagram account, where he can engage with other photographers about birds, including over 200 species.

“Typically, when I share these photos, people comment and tell me they never knew this bird existed,” he told The Epoch Times. “So I found joy not just in photographing birds and wildlife but also in sharing information and educating others about these bird species.”

Regarding the showdown between the two roseate spoonbills, Andy recounted the outcome of the battle in a caption accompanying his Instagram post, where he shared 10 favorite shots from the encounter to paint a panoramic picture.

“I want to say: the challenging bird quickly regrets its decision, ultimately retreating in defeat,” he captioned.

Nghia Pham