Rustic Charm: The Enchanting Interior of a Log Cabin in the Scottish Mountains

Rustic Charm: The Enchanting Interior of a Log Cabin in the Scottish Mountains

In a small Scottish village nestled in a pine forest, not far from a mountain lake, stands a log cabin. Its interior is simple, rustic, yet incredibly cozy. This house is a true family treasure, preserving relics from several generations: grandmother’s handicrafts, antique furniture, delightful paintings, and crafts close to the heart.

The owners of this cabin are Niki and Griz, a couple who moved here a few years ago. Niki was born and raised in the city of Edinburgh, and she lived in London with her husband, Griz. Together, they raised six children.

As time went by, their children grew up and scattered to different cities and countries. Their eldest daughter has been living in Australia for the past ten years. She happened to embark on a journey across Australia and met her love there, who happened to be a Scotsman. She married him and decided to settle down there.

Taking their youngest daughter, Pip, who was living with them at the time, they moved to the beautiful village of Newtonmore, surrounded by mountains.

Niki’s husband, Griz, began building a large wooden house with his own hands. He is truly skilled, working as a builder, professional mason, specializing in brickwork and fireplaces, gardening, and carpentry.

Over the course of several years, their house transformed into a beautiful forest cabin. Niki created a small vegetable garden and flower beds next to the house.

The interior was filled with practical wooden furniture, antique household items, dishes, and decorations passed down from their parents and grandparents. Griz crafted some of the furniture himself.

The couple didn’t aim to create a specific style; they didn’t try to imitate any pictures they saw on the internet. They decorated the house according to their own vision of homely comfort and atmosphere.

Niki collects forest and garden herbs and flowers, drying them by hanging them from the ceiling. For breakfast, she bakes Scottish pancakes, a favorite of her husband.

Their youngest daughter, Pip, who moved here with her parents a few years ago, has already enrolled in college and moved into an apartment in the nearby town.

The couple, along with their beloved dog Molly, are not bored when they are alone. They have so many pleasant tasks and responsibilities. Their children, grandchildren, relatives, and friends often come to visit.

In order to accommodate guests for weekend stays or vacations, Griz has started expanding the living space. Soon, they will have a two-story extension with three bedrooms and an additional bathroom.

In the evenings, Niki and Griz gather around the fireplace in the living room. They watch movies or TV series together, discussing family matters and the numerous plans they have.

Niki is not a photographer or designer, and she doesn’t have a professional camera. Most of her photos are taken on a regular smartphone. She doesn’t intentionally embellish her home for photography; she captures it “as is.” Nonetheless, their home and atmosphere have mesmerized me with their simplicity, coziness, a touch of clutter, and that charming rural interior!

Nhat Dang