The Fairy Tale Love Story of Messi and His Childhood Sweetheart

The Fairy Tale Love Story of Messi and His Childhood Sweetheart

The love story of Messi and his wife has captured the admiration of many. Currently, they are enjoying a peaceful life with their children, free from any controversies or scandals.

A Love Story since the Age of 5

Behind the scenes of Messi celebrating victory and winning the World Cup, we witness the presence of his wife and their three sons. Messi’s wife shares moments of their joyful family on her social media, expressing pride in her husband’s achievements. She thanks him for teaching their children never to give up and to always fight until the end. “At least now you are the world champion. Me and our children know what you’ve endured over the years,” Antonela writes.

Not only in this World Cup, but the model often accompanies Messi and their children to support him during his matches. She is a supportive partner who willingly takes a step back to take care of their family, allowing Messi to focus on his football career.

Their love story is often compared to a “real-life fairytale” that has lasted for over a decade, enduring periods of separation but always holding each other in their hearts.

Lionel Messi and Antonela Roccuzzo first met when Antonela was just 5 years old through her cousin, who was also Messi’s close friend.

Despite Messi being known for his introverted personality, he is completely different when it comes to love and relationships.

Messi’s childhood friend’s father recalls that Messi “couldn’t take his eyes off Antonela,” even for a second. Messi even wrote and sent love letters at a young age, affirming that Antonela would be his girlfriend in the future.

When Messi moved to Barcelona, Spain, to pursue his football career, he and Antonela had to live apart for many years. They maintained their connection through heartfelt handwritten letters, despite the thousands of kilometers between them. Throughout his years in Spain, Antonela’s presence remained in Messi’s heart.

Distance couldn’t diminish their love, and fate eventually brought them together. In 2008, the couple officially revealed their relationship.

Their love grew deeper when Messi decided to fly back from Spain to Argentina to comfort Antonela after the passing of her close friend. At that time, she was deeply devastated and shocked. Messi stood by her side, providing support and helping her regain her strength.

Messi’s genuine care and affection further strengthened their bond after the period of separation. Some time later, Antonela moved to Barcelona to live with Messi.

Antonela initially pursued higher education in Argentina, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences and Humanities from the National University of Rosario. However, she didn’t follow her academic path and transitioned to become a model. In 2016, Antonela announced her modeling contract with the Argentine fashion brand Ricky Sarkany.

While Messi earns hundreds of millions of dollars annually, his wife is equally successful. In 2017, she ventured into shoe business in Barcelona with a friend.

Despite their substantial wealth, Antonela is not consumed by luxury or extravagant indulgence. She actively participates in charity work, helping others and contributing to hospitals.

Before getting married, Messi and his wife welcomed two sons, followed by the birth of their third child. Speaking about his wife, Lionel Messi once said, “My wife possesses many remarkable qualities. I admire how she handles everything. She is intelligent and talented in all aspects of life.”

Their wedding ceremony was dubbed the “wedding of the century” in Argentina. The couple walked down the aisle at a luxurious hotel-casino in their hometown of Rosario, amidst joy, blessings from family and fans.

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